If you hate long salon or at-home nail sessions, you just landed on the best blog article because we're about to show you how to achieve perfect nails in 15 minutes or less.

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At VINIMAY®, we understand that nail care and styling can be a time consuming process, so for those of you who don't like or simply don't have the time for lengthy nail sessions, we decided to offer quick, easy solutions that will help you keep your nails looking pretty with record time application.

Here are two of the most popular items on our website we recommend you try to achieve it:

1. FAUX NAIL SETS. Faux nail sets are easy to apply and require minimum nail care experience. All you need to do when you receive your set is measure your nails to find the perfect fit form and use nail glue to attach. Various lengths and styles are available for you to choose from and they last up to 15 days, depending on the glue you use. Here are some styles for inspiration:

Baby Boomer Faux Nails Set

Rainbow Faux Nails Set

Gradient Faux Nails Set


2. NAIL STICKERS. These sets have been flying off the shelves since we introduced them a few months ago and we keep restocking the best sellers to make sure we have our customers' favorite styles available. The sticker sets can be applied on top of faux nails or directly on your natural nails. After application, you just need to file away the excess material around the edges of your nail and voila! Your nails look like you just got a professional manicure, but only you know it was done in under 15 minutes. We offer a great variety of styles and colors and we promise you'll love the price for value ratio! Check out some of the styles currently in stock below or just click here to browse all collections.

Artistic Design Nail Sticker Set

Artistic Design Nail Sticker Set 2

 Artistic Design Nail Sticker Set 3

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