VINIMAY® is looking to create a community of nail experts and enthusiasts who love sharing nail art as well as tips and best practices to help others achieve beautiful manicures at home.

We are now on the hunt for our fall season Brand Ambassadors and would love to hear from you! Every season we open up the application process in order to expand our #vinibabes circle, so feel free to contact us here with the subject title Ambassador Program. We can’t wait to get to know you!

In the meantime, you can go over the VINIBABE AMBASSADOR PROGRAM benefits:

🌸 FREE gel nail polish from your favorite collection + BONUS GIFT from our nail care or nail tool section

🌸 50% OFF site wide the entire season you get selected for

🌸 EARLY ACCESS to special deals and seasonal promotions

🌸 FREQUENT FEATURES on our social channels

🌸 25% DISCOUNT for your followers

🌸 Invite to our nail enthusiast private online community

🌸 Invite to our Annual VINIMAY PARTY

🌸 Inclusion in the VINIMAY HOLIDAY season GIFT RAFFLE

Regardless of being selected or not for the program, we still encourage you to keep spreading the word about VINIMAY and make sure that you tag our Instagram @vinimayprofessional as well as include our brand hashtags in your captions: #vinibabe #vinimaypro #myvinipro

We love seeing you use our products and we always find ways to thank you for it! Either by featuring you in our stories+highlights, by inviting you to write for the blog and so on. So don’t be shy! Spread the #vinilove and we’ll spread our love for you ♥